Friday, November 11, 2016

Keiran William

Samples of Keiran's learning.

Language Arts
 Keiran has gotten into the Sonlight Reader's now. Mom is trying to increase his confidence as he is still hesitant to read- he can but he is a bit of a perfectionist I think!
 Explode the Code work, comprehension.

Working on long and short vowel recognition.  


 Keiran is a math lover and it comes so easy to him! Working on +8.

 Keiran's cell parts list.
 Keiran's constructed cell.
Life Science Quiz
 Keiran has been listening to Mom read from "Julie of the Wolves" and has been answering comprehension questions about Inuit culture and traditions.
 This is Keiran's rendering of the caribou hunt (that is a wolf eating a caribou).
Keiran's very fun Indian corn painting- done with q-tips in a pointillism technique.

Gemma Claire

Some samples from Gemma.

Language Arts
 Gemma's daily journal. This has been a great resource for helping Gemma improve her spelling and become braver at writing on her own. She has word lists everywhere that she copies out as she goes when she doesn't know a word or needs to practice it.
 Learning about contractions.
Correcting sentence structure.
 Gemma is enjoying her new Beta workbook- working on sequencing.

 Gemma learned about inequalities.

 Gemma built a cell step-by-step.
 All the parts of the cell listed.
 Gemma's quiz on what she knows so far about life science.
Gemma has been part of the discussion from our read-aloud, about Inuit traditions, culture, and about wolf behavior.  

 This was Gemma's favorite part of the book: when Miyax/Julie was eating the dried/smoked meat and sharing it with a wolf brother.
Gemma's pointillism painting of an Indian corn.

Aiden Isaac

Some samples from Aiden.

Language Arts
 Aiden has finished up reading "Hatchet."
Some daily journaling about life.

Aiden has been learning about story elements. This last bit has been focused on plot.

His plot ideas.

Evan-Moore workbook.

Math-U-See, Gamma. Working on multiple-digit multiplication.


 Skip counting by eight.


 The Lokstets kids learned about plant and animal cells in a bit simpler form but we wanted to build one, so this was taken a step further.

 Aiden's cell.

 A quiz reviewing the first unit.
Julie of the Wolves has been so full of rich learning about Inuit traditions and so we have been taking this read-aloud and using it also for discussion.  

 I am not sure why these pictures keep turning on me as I take them. Hm, anyways... this is Aiden's favorite scene of Miyax/Julie smoking the caribou meat to keep it.
 Here is a list of the things that the kids researched on the computer- looking for picture samples for them to see.
Aiden's Thanksgiving corn painting using pointillism technique (with q-tips).

The Extras.

This new year of school is about reforming. The outcomes, and the way we do things are all changing. These things, along with changing schools and cities, are stretching us. We aren't at a usual pace yet and are still struggling to find a groove. I think this also has a bit to do with Mom needing some rest and healing after such a hard past year. Regardless, time marches on. Here are some
random pic that I have not had time to blog about!

The Bike Park
 Gemma and a cousin.
 Aiden conquering his fear of the bowl and "killing" it!
Dinner Making
 Gemma is becoming excellent at dinner prep and loves making salad.
Aiden loves to cook and wanted in on the prep too.
Our place to play outdoors (Paul Lake). 
 This little tag-along is always keeping up with his "guys," as he so lovingly calls them.

 Out at Paul Lake, collecting autumn nature samples.
 It was very beautiful and smelly at this time of year.

 Keiran digging a trench.
 Finn testing it out.
 And there was running.
 ....And climbing.
Aiden, Gemma, Keiran, (and Finn) found lots of shells- many inhabited.  

The natural thing is to come home and make a snail habitat.