Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Socials year end

Samples and project videos, Socials....


Learning about maps, provinces, and symbols. 

Working on projects. Our provinces!


Year End Science Samples

Shared science!

Exploring weather- rainbows, northern lights, and weather forecasting. 

Science Experiments


Keiran's samples for year end report:



Handwriting Without Tears

Math- finishing up Primer :)



Here are Gem's samples for year end reporting....



Explode the Code 5

Math-U-See Alpha

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shared Learning

The subjects that we explore as a family:

Sonlight Science:


Health and C.
Fine Arts:

Keiran's March Madness (English and Math)

English samples:
(Again, I apologize for the picture being flipped- somewhere between taking them and uploading, they are flipping and I have no idea why- I do not have time to retake them all and try again. ugh.)


Sight words.


Phonics Museum workbook.

Math Samples: